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Bridgemore Resume Design's Executive Resume

Executive Resume


For directors, vice presidents, presidents, and C-level executives, we will create a well-crafted resume showcasing your leadership ability, core strengths, and industry knowledge. We will also develop an executive branding statement highlighting your unique value.  A 60-minute phone consultation is included in this purchase. During our call, we will discuss various topics including: your intended use of the resume, current trends in resume writing, future tailoring techniques, discussion on how Applicant Tracking Software is changing the application landscape, application methods, follow-up techniques, and the influence of LinkedIn in the candidate sourcing process.

All resumes are delivered in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

For an additional fee, we offer a 1-business day turnaround expedited service for all resumes and resume add-on services.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at (305) 305-7981.

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